Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Long Weekends in the Philippines for 2019

The year is again coming to a close and the new year has many little nuggets to offer. There are 10 long weekends for 2019 here in the Philippines and we are here to give you tips on how to stretch those holiday weekends so you can get the best R & R possible with a little planning.

Take a look at the summary of long weekends below.

*Note: The muslim holiday Eid'l Fitr is a little bit hard to predict because it is usually announce very close to the date. So it may or may not fall on the date shown.

Let this be your guide for filing those vacation leaves. If you file your leaves on the dates shown in purple, you can combine your weekend, the holidays and your leaves to maximize a rest and recreation holiday. You can go to your favorite island like Boracay and enjoy 4 or 5 or even 6 days of blissful respite from the stress and drudgery of work.

Whether you want some alone time or a chance to bond with family or friends, Sol y Sombra Boracay Hotel has the perfect room for you. So go to you HR right now, ask for those leave forms and pick your holidays. Start looking for great deals on flights. Fly in early and fly out late to make the most of your holiday. Then check with us for any special rates on your vacation dates. Holiday the smart way and come back to work tanned and refreshed like a boss.

Based on suggestions made by Tripzilla: